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The drain board contains four times

The kitchen counter can be deceiving because it looks clean, but in reality, one can be home to at least 30 different coliforms. Did you know that this is the bacteria in faeces? Why not simply use antibacterial soap and shrug off the concern? While it may appear clean, the office kitchen may be making you sick. Did you know that the coliform it contains are the same that contain gastrointestinal illness? If the office staff use car cooler Manufacturers a drain board, do not make the mistake of thinking it is clean. A study by Washroom Hygiene found that...

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The easiest fixes are for basic water

There’s never a good time for a dishwasher, fridge, or oven to break down. Even so, when these things do happen, it can feel like they’ve waited for the worst possible moment. You might be in the middle of a family lunch or just back from a tough day at the office.  In either case, losing control of your home is a frustrating experience. Pick the wrong repair service, and you could end up with long delays. What’s more, it can be tricky to know exactly how much a contractor will cost before they slap a bill in your hand. 


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