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The drain board contains four times

The kitchen counter can be deceiving because it looks clean, but in reality, one can be home to at least 30 different coliforms. Did you know that this is the bacteria in faeces? Why not simply use antibacterial soap and shrug off the concern? While it may appear clean, the office kitchen may be making you sick. Did you know that the coliform it contains are the same that contain gastrointestinal illness? If the office staff use car cooler Manufacturers a drain board, do not make the mistake of thinking it is clean. A study by Washroom Hygiene found that out of 75 percent of UK kitchens tested, they on average had more germs than the sanitary bin in the women’s loo. The Washroom examined eight workplace kitchens and took 280 samples from 70 appliances.

The drain board contains four times the safe levels of coliforms in any kitchen, according to Washrooms sampling. Microwaves and kettles can still be to blame for the Flu Did you know that you might want to use an antibacterial wipe the next time you need to warm up that deli sandwich that is "lunch." Shared microwaves may not be as clean as they look, with 30 percent of all shared microwaves exhibiting germs near handles and also on buttons that are pushed by several employees. How can you protect yourself in the office kitchen from the coliforms that are in the environment and avoid getting sick? You may be able to start by stamping out cross-contamination. Don’t use the same cutting board when cutting red meat and other foods. The red meat contains bacteria that are easily transferred to the surface of other foods and the red juice of raw meat can soak into some foods. Without heating the juice or food that contains the juice, it may not kill the germs beginning to grow. Sanitise the counter space on a regular schedule. This allows all office staff to keep the office, without worrying whether they will get the flu next.

To wipe down the kitchen, buy cellulose sponges that do not contain antibiotics. It is better to simply use some elbow grease and dish soap. Don’t forget the coffee pot. Bacteria can be lurking, even in a closed coffee pot. However, an acid such as vinegar can be ran through a coffee maker to ensure it stays clean and bacteria does not grow in the filter. However, if you are still afraid of germs, make your own coffee and bring it to work. Don’t touch the fridge handle with your bare hands or at least wash your hands directly afterwards. According to the Washroom Hygiene, fridges were the worst at harbouring bacteria on handles. Nearly a third of fridges had the third highest count of coliform in all tested office kitchens. Your mum’s advice of washing your hands before eating may be good advice, as long as wash right before you sit down to eat and after touching the microwave, fridge, coffee pot, kettle handle etc. At Top Cleaning, we can make sure all the office surfaces are clean, not just the ones that you can see. We offer a wide range of services, including end of tenancy cleaning and upholstery cleaning for your favourite chairs.

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